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Reothart nan Ealain means Springtide of the Arts in Scottish Gaelic.

Reothart nan Ealain is a new Gaelic visual arts hub in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We are the only arts centre in the world with a primary focus on Gaelic visual arts.

Based out of the old school in Lochcroistean, Uig on the isle of Lewis we offer an inviting, relaxing and creative space to visit.

Through our shop and programme of workshops, residential courses, walks, talks and adventures we aim to engage visitors with a Gaelic 'way of seeing', offering a deeper cultural insight into our place within the landscapes that surround us.

Whether you're new to making art or to Gaelic culture, we're here for you!

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Our shop where you can find Gaelic visual art on display alongside a bespoke range of items for sale in person, in the studio at Loch Croistean, or online under the 'Buth' tab.

bùth /buː/
fir. gin. -a, iol. -an

1 shop 2 booth


Our programme of events, workshops, creative walks, taster sessions and ceilidhs.

tachartas /taxəRʃdəs/
fir. gin. -ais, iol. -an

1 happening, incident, occurrence, occasion 2 event


Come and visit us! 


April 15th - September 15th

Thursday 11.30am-4pm

Friday 11.30-4pm

Saturday 11.30-4pm

During the autumn and winter we're open by appointment only

Outwith these times please email to arrange a. visit.

Have a look at our tachARTas page to see upcoming events and for booking information.

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