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Ligeil ('Letting out')

Ligeil ('Letting out')

Shore cobble (hand carved)

Height: 4cm

Width: 8cm

'Mac-talla' is our word for 'echo' in Scottish Gaelic. Literally translated this means 'son of the earth'.


This cobble was found on the shore on the West coast of the isle of Lewis. After a lifetime of being tumbled into form by the seas and in turn, shaping the coastline, this wee cobble was found on a walk and carried home to be marked out.


The carving takes its form as an echo from the landscape to be carried forward, resounding as an emblem to held by the stone as it travels on.


This stone is hand carved by Màiri using a tungsten tipped chisel and mallet.






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Please contact for postal enquiries outwith the UK

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