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Barrachd fios | More Info

fiosrachadh /fisrəxəɣ/
fir. gin. -aidh, iol. -aidhean

1 (act of) informing 2 information 3 (act of) ascertaining, finding out, inquiring 4 fact(s) 5 (act of) experiencing 6 experience

Local information


There are many options for self-catering accommodation in Uig, (please be aware that there is an ‘Uig’ is Skye so make sure your searching for Uig, isle of Lewis!)

Our address for searching via a map function is:

Reothart nan Ealain, Loch Croistean, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9EP


Outer Hebrides Tourist Board website.

Other useful sites for accommodation:

Local bed and breakfast accommodation:



Uig Community Shop (open all year round Monday-Saturday 9-5) is a ten minute drive from Loch Croistean and has an excellent range of groceries, off-licence, post office, fuel pumps, cash machine and is owned and run by the community with profits re-invested into the local area.

Further afield in Stornoway there are quite a few independent butchers, fishmongers, Tesco and co-op.

For eating out, Uig Sands is a licensed restaurant, near the Community Shop at Timsgarry.  It specialises in local produce and seafood, and has outstanding views out over Uig Bay.  Reservations are essential. 

Uig Community Centre Museum and Tearoom, at Timsgarry (01851 621 422), also close to the shop, were you can buy soups, sandwiches, cakes and coffee. It's open April to September, 12pm to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

The Edge Cafe, at Aird Uig, offers delicious home-cooked food, and baking in a lovely, cosy setting.  Booking for evening meals essential.

In Stornoway there are many small businesses and shops including cafes, specialist food shops and two supermarkets. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes in Stornoway, which is about 40 minutes drives away from Loch Croistean.


“Màiri’s creative approach and sensitivity to place and people make her perfectly positioned to enable others to explore the world of Gaelic visual arts.”

Richard, Bespoke online learning


“Tha an cùrsa air a chur an cèill gu sgiobalta grinn le fiosrachadh domhainn mu dhualchas nan Gàidheal agus an cruth-tìre. Tha Màiri mìon-eolach air caochladh cuspair agus tha i gad threòrachadh agus gad bhrosnachadh tron chùrsa le blàths is brìgh. Is iomadh rud eireachdail a tha mi air ionnsachadh bho Mhàiri agus bho chuid eile air a’ chùrsa a mhaireas leam - na sgeulachdan tlachdmhor, na pìosan brèagha bàrdachd, an obair fìor ealanta agus an càirdeas a thogadh eadaruinn. Tha mi air mo mhisneachadh agus mo thogail gu rudan ùra cruthachail fheuchainn agus gu sealladh eile a ghabhail air an tìr agus m’àite-sa innte.


The course is wonderfully put together and grounded in the richness of Gaelic heritage and our environment; places, people, stories. Mairi has extensive knowledge on a wide range of subjects and guides you through the course with warmth, insight and encouragement. She offers thoughtful references and a gentle nudge towards exploring different creative concepts. I have learnt so much from both Mairi and other participants on the course that will continue to inspire and enrich me. I am encouraged to step outside and try something new, to look again at the landscape and my place in it.”

Nicola, Sense of Place online course


“I am currently taking an online Sense of Place course created and taught by Mairi. I am loving the course and recommend it to anyone interested in place, the natural world and exploring their art practice. Mairi is wonderful teacher and I particularly enjoy the approach she takes to create an environment where people explore, make, learn, take risks and find connections between ideas. I do not want the course to end I would happily continue doing it for the rest of my life.”

Sarah, Sense of Place online course


“Mairi's Sense of Place course was a real pleasure to do. The topics were introduced in terms of how they related to both the land itself and the people who lived there. The sessions felt special and personal. Mairi created a really kind, supportive and encouraging atmosphere so each of us could share how we interpreted the topics in relation to our own creative practice. I looked forward to hearing what the others had been thinking about or doing.

I loved Mairi's informal but professional approach to tutoring. She would introduce a topic and give lots of tips for reading etc so people could go away and investigate the topic by themselves, depending on what they wanted to look at or in relation to their own area of creativity. You also felt it was totally fine to turn up even if you hadn't managed to do or read anything. It was up to each individual how much or how little they did each fortnight.

Mairi is a brilliant artist and lovely person. 'A Sense of Place' was much more than an informative course about Place. Our time on the course encouraged us to be open to seeing things in a different way or making new realisations about our own creative practice. I will certainly be doing more of Mairi's courses in future.”

Jane, Sense of Place online course


“My colleague and I had six transformative hours online with Mairi during the autumn. We hadn't been sure what to expect initially - and ended up hoping the time wasn't going as fast as we feared and that the following session would come quickly. So much was packed in: conversations, signposting, poems, book recommendations, films, experiences, creative tasks, frustrations, imaginings and hopes. I highly recommend engaging with Reothart nan Ealain however you can, for as long as you can - we are now fundraising for an actual real-world visit.”

Fiona, Bespoke online learning


“If you want to go on a Magical Mystery Tour finding out about yourself, where you stay, and much more, then Mairi's courses are for you. She is a wonderful communicator and  a sympathetic listener.

We started our course as a disparate group and have become a family of friends. I have only experienced one course but will happily sign up for more.”

Meg, Sense of Place online course

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