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Wayfinder 2024

I am really excited to be offering our first iteration of Wayfinder, an online course running for 12 sessions across six months from April to September.

These fortnightly sessions will seek to embed artists into a place-based creative practice taught by exploring Gaelic ways of seeing in relation to the landscape. I'll be facilitating them myself.

Escape into your own life. Steady away, Wayfinder.

There is a rich tapestry of Gaelic ‘ways of seeing’ and a deep cultural connection with the landscape, its form, its beings and its lore. These come together to form a ‘living landscape’ and it’s from understanding these interconnected relationships that our course stems.

The Wayfinder course will take participants on a voyage exploring personal, pace-based themes as routes back into our creative practices. Working as a collective, supporting our peers, we will form an open and fun learning environment to bring awareness around our internal navigation points which steer our creative practices.

During each session we will use ‘Gifts from the landscape’ as inspiration into making, exploring themes of sea, island, cliff, shore, river, wellspring, mountain, moor, sheiling croft and finally, home. In each session I will present ‘inspiration sets & reels’ to discover how Gaelic culture has explored and expressed relationships to these land-forms. These ‘sets and reels’ weave an intuitive dance across the landscape and into the home, with poetry, song, story and walks and will comprise of audio, film, text and will serve as invitations for participants to respond to in the intervening fortnight before coming together as a group to share our experiences and set the next theme.

This course is for individuals who wish to create or deepen a place-based, research informed practice. It’s for those who love the land, want to find new ways of seeing, are curious about taking a closer look at their practice and work collectively with others.

As artists, makers and creatives we can sometimes get a little stuck or run dry- whether from fear, working in isolation, burn outs, blocks or changes in personal circumstances, we can lose the joys of making, we can deplete our creative wellspring and feel ‘off course’. If this resonates then Wayfinder can help.

For others, Wayfinder will simply serve as a place for inspiration, joy, collaboration and meeting likeminded makers.

The nature of the Wayfinder course is to encourage a steady practice and collective of supportive souls to lean on and learn from. It will be fun. It will be challenging. It will open you up to new adventures and recouple you with your creative self.

Urban or rural, newbie or established artist, Gael or other – all welcome!

This course will be delivered in English, looking at Gaelic ‘ways of seeing’.

Book your spot here.

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